It’s WARM!

I am a very bad blogger these days. Wish that words would just flow from me effortlessly like they did back when I wasn’t so tired all the time…or so busy…or so mentally distracted. Oh wait, I’ve always been distracted and distractable. So that isn’t a new development. Mostly I just don’t take the time anymore, simple as that. But, I need to. It’s good for me to be forced to at least try to share any tidbids I’m learning about life a I go and have a venue that others can share what they are learning too!

Unfortunately today I can’t seem to focus long enough to even think about writing up that amAZing gluten free Blueberry cake I made for the Doodles Birthday Party. Hopefully that will be coming soon. Or about the progress the garden is making. Or about how incredibly in love I am with the Farmers Market.

So, let’s see. What I DO feel like talking about is this wee babe. Thus far it’s been dubbed TheAlien since I have had a kinda hard time getting used to the idea that I am really and truly for real pregnant. At 16 weeks along and definitely showing you’d think it wouldn’t be so hard for me to come to grips with but it is! Some days I still forget. The Doodlebug is very excited and often asks to “talk to the baby” or “hug the baby” or “can I sleep with the baby Mama?” which is code for laying her head on my tummy and cat napping. I love that she’s so excited. She went to our first midwife appointment and thought hearing the heartbeat was pretty much the coolest thing ever.

Oh, did I mention it is WARM? Nay, even a bit hot some days. I am *loving it* After the way too cold for way too long winter we had this sweat inducing weather is pure bliss.

Thank you to all of you who prayed for us and with us about the situation involving a pregnant 15 year old girl in GA. She decided to keep her baby and I would ask that you continue to pray for her if you think about it. The road of a single, teenaged Mom without much family support is going to be incredibly hard. Remember us asking for prayer last year for our trip to CA that also involved a potential adoption? We found out a couple of days ago that the BirthMom’s situation is not very good. Long story short we are again making ourselves available to adopt her little girl who is now 11 months old. Please be in prayer for this precious girl. There are many factors in her life that I cannot go into right now that are deeply troubling to us. Please pray protection over her in every way. If her BirthMom were to decide to allow us to adopt her we would have to make a very hasty trip to CA which would also include a scramble to get our lives ready to accomodate a new-needy little one.

Our garden is loving this warm weather. So are the weeds. I’m convinced I grow weeds better than anybody. This year I’ve declared war though and am doing better than usual at keeping them down. Hopefully if I can keep them down at this stage it’ll keep me from getting over-run around the middle to late summer like I usually do.

In other, very shallow news, we do not have internet at our house anymore. This is sad sad news for this self confessed internet addict. I now have to go to the Beeyoutiful store in our town to check e-mail, facebook and yes, of course blog! My friends assure me I will undoubtedly be a much more productive member of society without internet distracting me all through the day. I have no doubt they are absolutely right but maybe I don’t WANT to be productive. Maybe I LIKE being entertained by various internet related things. =D (ahem) No, I’ll make it although I really never realized just how much of my daily socialization happens via IM. We are also a one vehicle family for the time being so my out and abouts are limited to when DaMan’s schedule allows. But hopefully tomorrow we’ll be able to purchase a new-to-us vehicle and I’ll have wheels again! That will be a yippee moment for sure and I’ll probably spend a lot more time than I should driving around just cuz I can the first week or so.

It’s time for me to head back home. Hopefully my next post will feature a super yummy gluten free birthday cake recipe. If it doesn’t just remind me. It will probably still be on my list…just procrastinated a little more than some other thing.

Thank you again for the prayers. It means so much to us that people are praying for this sweet girl and our involvement in her life. =)

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