Life Summary in Bullet Points

It’s been so long since I’ve been back to post. I so appreciate all the thoughts and prayers that have been shared with us. The past few weeks have been spent trying to find appropriate health care providers, getting blood-work done, trying to keep up with supplements etc etc etc.  My brain is too tired and life is too big right now for me to summon up an actual post worthy of the name. Bullet points seem quite doable though.

– A sonogram at 8 weeks and 1 day showed a healthy little baby with a strong heartbeat. This sonogram confirmed the due date of Oct. 23rd which is DaMan’s birthday! I seriously doubt this babe will be born on it’s due date (particularly with the Doodlebugs two week late entry into this world) but it is very cool that he gets to anticipate baby right around the time of his birthday.

-TN weather seems to have decided that Spring was worth skipping this year. As of two weeks ago I was shivering in layers. Yesterday we were baking in 90 degree heat as we worked in the garden.

– Garden. Yes. The garden. I finally summoned the will power or courage or whatever it is to actually follow through on some of the grand garden plans I had made for this year. With our house having a pending offer on it I’ve felt a bit foolish putting so much effort into my precious garden when someone else will be likely harvesting the fruit of our labor! But, I decided it would be my gift as a bonus to them if the house sells and if not, I’ll be really glad I did it.

– Today I planted Okra, Cucumbers and two rows of Corn. Yesterday Steve put up a fence for the sweet peas to grow on. A few Marigolds that were the remanants of our surviving seedlings were also successfully transplanted. Five sunflowers also got transplanted. Hoping to move along to beans, peas and sundry other veggies that desperately need to be buried in the soil!

-Made the Doodlebug one more dress. Hoping to finish the 3rd soon. Blog post with pictures featuring said dresses should be forth coming if I can ever get my brain back into blogging gear.

-Kitchen adventures have been few and far between. Pregnancy has rendered my life a food survival reality show and nothing like the previously enjoyed good food relationship I used to have. Hoping that with the arrival of the much anticipated second trimester me and food start getting along much better.

-We have three kittens left. A little orange girlie and two orange boys. If anybody local wants a kitten let me know! They are very sweet and have great hunting genes from their Mom. She is bringing them live lizards to learn how to hunt on so hopefully they’ll be great mousers as they get older.

Well, that’s all for now. I’m off to go get some more done in the garden. Hopefully I’ll be back with an actual helpful or educational post soon! =) Till then hope you are all enjoying WARM or maybe even HOT weather!