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An Adventure in Traditional Foods

Beeyoutiful recently added to it’s line a supplement I’ve long wanted the company to carry. We had a hard time finding a product that was ether not in a bad oil (usually soy), or made with less than desirable processing methods.  The few that we found that were high quality had also *very* high price tags. After years of looking around we finally found one that met our quality criteria as well as being reasonably affordable.

Although it is a very well known supplement in many circles I’ve been surprised at how many people have only ever heard of it but don’t really understand what it does or how it works.

First of all let’s summarize what it is exactly. CoQ10 occurs naturally within the part of our cells that are responsible for energy production. CoQ10 plays a major role in the production of adenosine triphosphate or ATP, the basic…

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Frequently Asked BeeyoutifulSkin Questions

Question: I see that a lot of the ingredients in the mineral makeup are the same. Yet, the colors are very different. How can the colors be so different with the same minerals used?

Answer: The colors of BeeyoutifulSkin pure mineral makeup are created by the different minerals being baked at varying degrees of heat and then mixed to create the various shades and varying degrees of shimmer and shine. No dyes or fillers are used to create the array of colors and shades.


Question: Why can’t you give me free samples of BeeyoutifulSkin makeup?

At this point in our company we cannot afford to make samples available for free. Filling the sample containers is very slow and tedious process and requires a lot of staff hours. So not only is it the cost of the product in the samples it is also the overhead of staff time to fill them. The charge for the samples doesn’t come close to the actual cost of the samples but it helps to off-set it so we can afford to make the samples an option.

Question: If I order samples what will they come in and how much will I get?

Your BeeyoutifulSkin mineral samples will come in a tiny zip lock bag with a label with the name of the color. We highly suggest tapping the minerals out onto a small plate or lid instead of trying to dip a brush into the bags. The foundations have enough for at least one full face application even for those needing heavy coverage, and the eye colors and blushes enough for a minimum of 2 applications. If you are testing multiple foundations to see which is right for you we highly recommend brushing a small amount of each color onto your cheek side by side to see which one achieves the best match. The one that seems to match the best you should try applying to your entire face to see if you are happy with how it looks.

Question: The weights seem to vary a lot from one product to another even though they are all in the same size container. For example some of the darker shades of foundation are barely half the weight of some of the lighter shades. Why is this?

Answer: BeeyoutifulSkin containers are filled by volume, not weight. One of the things we discovered early on in the process of creating these mineral formulations is that because it contains *only* minerals it is impossible to make each blend weigh the same. Some minerals weigh more than others. If you’ve ever gone out rock collecting you’ll know that some rocks, even though they are the same size weigh more than others. This holds true for the minerals as well. Each container is filled to capacity up to the insert that allows the minerals to be tapped out. In this way we are able to ensure that every customer will receive the same amount of makeup. If it were sold by the same weight some would receive half the usable amount makeup than others all depending on skin shade.

Question: I’ve bought mineral makeup from other companies and the weight on all of their same sized containers regardless of the color were the same. How can they get their minerals to weigh the same and you can’t?

Answer: Most mineral makeup companies use fillers. A little or a lot, but almost all have them. Clear or opaque fillers that are usually cheaper than the mineral powder that is used as the base. Some of these fillers are very natural and cheap (like rice powder) and others are not so natural and actually harmful to the skin. Our theory is that the companies who have the same weights are either not telling the truth about the weight of their product and just putting their lowest or highest average weight on the label OR they are adjusting the amount and type of fillers per formulation so that the fillers compensate for the variances of weight in the actual minerals. If you want to know for sure contact the companies and just ask.

Let me know if you have any other questions! 🙂



There are no words for how utterly delighted I am to finally be able to share publicly the makeup we have been working with over the past few months. It has been an overwhelming, yet wonderful project.

Over the past several years I’ve been able to work through the process of making a lot of different products available to our customers, family and friends via Beeyoutiful. They all have a special place in my heart. My job is typically quality control along with misc. other tasks in the process. Along the way there have been some that stole my quality control perfectionistic heart. Others became favorites for other reasons.

Never have I worked with a project that has brought me as much personal joy and excitement as this one. After weeks of anticipation that turned into months thanks to several unanticipated problems including a rather severely broken website we are finally able to welcome you to take a look at 

Watch the videos. I am in the process of working on a lot more information content to populate the site with so you can learn more about the ins and outs of this makeup. 

The most important thing to know though is this. It’s pure. It’s simple. It’s just minerals in a breathtaking array of beautiful colors and textures. If you want to know what kind of minerals read the ingredients. We are a full disclosure company and every product will list exactly what is in it. No more, no less. 

It’s a really fun learning journey figuring out how to apply and get desired effects from nothing but a loose mineral makeup. Can’t wait to continue to learn more in the coming months! You know one of my absolute favorite things about this makeup? It’s safe enough I feel alright letting the Doodlebug use it every so often. Doing makeup together is already one of her favorite things to do. She’s quite the discerning little tester as well although she has a bit of a propensity to go overboard with the super bright blues and teal is her “fwavorwite” If you end up with any favorites be sure and let me know! 🙂 



The past few weeks have been filled with a flurry of activities. Our company is in the process of adding on a makeup line of mineral makeup. As with all new products we consider the beginning phases are filled with testing and research. After we personally use a product, get all our questions an wonderings satisfied as to quality and purity we then find a few friends or family to be guinea pigs for us to see if they like a product as much as we do. Since the makeup is such a HUGE deal for us to add on we did more than just a few guinea pigs. More like 40+ ladies willingly volunteered their faces to test the colors. The feedback was encouraging and we proceeded to move forward.

For someone who has never been behind the scenes the logistics of what it takes to do something like this can seem very simple. It used to seem simple to me too. And maybe it’s easier for bigger companies. At beeyoutiful part of our responsibility to our customers is to keep our price points as low as we can. This means keeping our overhead as low as we reasonably can while still providing good service and getting things done in reasonable amounts of time. It can be a tight rope trying to keep just the right amount of staff hired, paying them reasonable wages while at the same time not having extra staff sitting around with nothing to do. I’m sure any of our former or current employees are laughing to themselves at the idea of having nothing to do! 😀

Anyway, since we tend to run a tight crew it means everybody has to pitch in and help out with the introduction of new products to the line. Our customer service gals give advice and feedback and, in this case, offered up their faces as test subjects. Our business manager has been pulling triple duty as a photographer, designer and videographer for this project in addition to his already full work load. It always makes me happy to work with a team of people so willing to help out in so many ways to get something done! Even Doodlebug our almost-five-year old has been helping out around the office lately. Steve took this video of her putting labels on the Chapsticks.

Doodles Showing how to use the Label Machine

I’ve been taking pictures of the project as it’s moved along. If you click here you can view a few of the coming shades of Foundation and here you can view a small sampling of the beautiful eye colors we are planning on carrying.

If you are a super busy, low key Mom like me you may wonder how I even get makeup put on my face every day. The truth is, I don’t. And when I do it’s a super fast operation in between taking care of our two children. Our staff encouraged me to do a super candid video showing my 5 minute morning facial care routine (including makeup) And yes! This is me using the actual Beeyoutiful Skin Mineral Makeup.

Three wonderful ladies who work for Beeyoutiful at our local offices and I had a wonderful day of testing the makeup and experimenting with various looks. Thought you might want a sneak peek!

This gorgeous lady is Rhoda. She’s all of 37 years young although her youthful glow makes that really hard to believe! If you’ve called the Beeyoutiful customer service number this past year you had a good chance of getting Rhoda on the other end!



Rhoda with Bronzed eyes

Rhoda with Bronzed eyes

Next we have April with her beautiful peaches and cream complexion. April helps out with filing, accounting and all sorts of administrative office tasks. We haven’t put her on the phones yet but one of these days she might have to fill in.





And last but certainly not least is Liz. She’s been doing customer service for Beeyoutiful for the past couple of years. You have a good chance of getting her on the phone if you call into Beeyoutiful! Liz is an aspiring Chef and in addition to keeping up with her responsibilities at Beeyoutiful is also going to Culinary School full time.







I can’t wait until we are able to offer this line to the public! 😀 In the meantime we’ll keep plugging away and looking forward to the day we can share it with you.



He’s Here! =) Announcing Caleb Joshua Tallent

Much to our (mostly mine I’ll admit) relief Caleb Joshua decided to come join us. We had been working with the little guy ever since he officially scored the over-due label to try to convince him to come out and meet us. He seemed more than a little reluctant even going so far as to fight against whatever contractions I managed to get going by curling up in a ball towards my ribs as far away from the Exit Sign as he could get.

We managed to log more than 7 individual sessions of very-well-could-be-and-maybe-probably-is-but-maybe-not- false labor sessions over the past two weeks. All that advance work did pay off a bit. For those of you who care about such details as of Friday 70% effacement and 3 cm. Yet. No labor. The midwife ordered a bio-physical profile + stress test to make sure Caleb was still going good inside just in case he decided to stay put a few more days.  On Monday we went to the hospital to do that and then to the midwife. 90% effacement and up to 5 cm dilation during contractions. At the visit we discussed induction options. An herbal protocol was decided on for a variety of reasons and we drove the hour home from the birth center.

I began having heavier contractions on the way home. But what was new about that?? We’d done this more than a half a dozen times before.  This time though they felt…different somehow and in an hours time I went from sending DaMan and the Doodlebug off to play basketball to saying that maybe they should stick around. Another hour or so had me texting my labor support staff a tentative “I think this might very well be it…” One of my dearest friends was going to drive 3 hrs to be help and support at my birth and I vacillated back and forth about calling her out when it could be so very easily yet another false alarm. She listened to what was going on and decided to brave the drive. Around 8 or 9 PM a collection of our labor support team had arrived at the house…aaaand the oh so convincing contractions that caused me to send the summons began to disappear. Typical. Classic. Oh so frustrating. I continued taking the herbal tinctures per the protocols instructions but inside I was upset because in spite of the strength of the contractions, they were following the all too familiar pattern of getting further and further apart.

Around midnight I reluctantly dispersed everybody to go sleep and we made a plan to be at the Birth Center the next morning to attempt more induction options. The reason for the rush and urgency to get him here was due to the Birth Centers strict no-deliveries post 42 week policy.  Around 1 AM on what was now Nov. 1st I decided I might as well try to get some sleep inbetween the now very far apart contractions myself. I laid down and woke up to the indignant, groggy and still mostly asleep thought that I was NOT on a water park ride why on earth did the water splash in and get my PJ’s wet?? It took me a few minutes to wake up enough to realize that my water had broken. After I got everything cleaned up I woke Steve up and told him what had happened and informed him that since contractions appeared to be totally gone my plan was to go back to bed and sleep until they decided to show up again. I had begun to violently shake and he cuddled up next to me. This was right around 1:30am. I thought at first the shaking was entirely due to cold, and maybe it partly was, but then I realized it must be hormonal or something. The shaking continued somewhat abated, and then three back to back contractions hit at once. “We’d better head to the Birth Center now” I told him.

Texting of labor support began and the last minute items were grabbed on the way out the door to the Birth Center. It is a bit over an hour drive to the Birth Center and things got progressively more intense on the way over. Definitely not the most fun way to labor…in a vehicle on curving roads. Still, it was all very manageable and I employed the deep breathing and relaxation techniques that were so helpful to me with the Doodlebug’s Birth. Arriving at the Birth Center just after 3 AM, the midwife ascertained that we were now at a solid 5.5-6 cm and 100% effaced. Yay. We were on our way, but seemed to have a lot of work ahead of us.

Mentally I prepared for several more hours of gradual progression and secretly hoped we would have a baby by 9 AM, but feared it would be more like noon. In between the three min. apart contractions I was able to talk, laugh and interact with everybody. Inside though I began to really long for that birth tub. After what felt like ages, but was only about 30 minutes, the checks were done, the tub was filled, and I gratefully sank into it. Relaxing completely is so much easier when you are able to completely float. The tub was such a relief and I settled in for the long haul. I was still able to laugh and talk between contractions and the mood was very lighthearted. I wasn’t in the tub long though before I began to feel overwhelmed. About every other contraction for a while, I informed Steve and Doulas that I really didn’t think I could do this anymore and then calmly gave instructions in between contractions. Steve ran off to find out if I could possibly be in transition already??? The midwife confirmed that yes, I really was so he came back excited with his mental timeframe for labor adjusted.

In what felt like no time at all I was fighting the urge to push. It was too early. I knew it was too early. After one particularly “pushy” contraction I opened my eyes and apologized and said “I’m so sorry, I just couldn’t help it”. Around this point time ceased to exist for me and although my ears heard the ridiculous comments being passed around like “Steph we are going to have a baby VERY soon!” the logical part of my brain was like “Yeah right…soon is sooo relative. Four to six hours from now is soon but I still don’t think I can make it that long” Very shortly after that a huge-massive-monumental contraction hit and in the course of the one contraction Caleb’s head was brought down from +1 station to being half delivered. What a time for a contraction to end. As it turns out he was sunny-side up and my labor support inform me that his eyes and nose made it out while the rest of him waited for me to get my act together and get him out of there. Thankfully a second massive contraction quickly followed on the first ones heels and he was out.

Mentally I was still so far checked out from the reality that I had just birthed a baby the Midwife had to tell me multiple times to pick him up out of the water. It was so surreal to scoop his little body up and hold it against mine and realize it was all over. He started working on breathing right away and gave a tiny indignant sob or two over how difficult the whole thing had been for him. After that he settled in and started trying to open his eyes and look around. I was absolutely elated. Steve and I cried as we admired the wee arrival.

Caleb and I right after birth

Caleb and I right after birth

It was right about 3 hours from the time my water broke until I held Caleb in my arms. The contractions seemed to just get more and more intense like a freight train coming, and the sequence of events surprised everyone. The nurse didn’t get called in time to make it and showed up about 20 minutes after the birth. I was only in the water for maybe an hour before it was all over. As hard and intense and painful as it was, it was no nice to be able to have mental, and physical reserves, and be able to bounce back and interact with everybody and my baby for hours after the birth – sore, but happy. Caleb stayed awake for about 4 hours after the birth, and seemed very content once he got warmed up. It was such a different experience than before where we all just wanted to crash ASAP including Noelle. 😀

Caleb weighed in at a healthy 7 lbs. 8 oz. All of one ounce more than his sister. We are so thrilled. So grateful. Marveling at God’s goodness to our little family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the prayers for this little mans safety over the past few months.

Caleb Joshua Tallent

Caleb Joshua Tallent


For the past two years I have been learning in baby steps how to become Queen of my kitchen. Not just to rule with judicious wisdom the flavor’s, textures and creativity of dishes but to also learn how to make them beneficial to the body without too much sacrifice on beloved flavors and textures.

After watching the movie Julie & Julia inspiration struck. I should blog about my journey or rather my adventure as the romantic side of me likes to think of it. A New Year’s resolution was to write at least something about anything every day. This of course to be started immediately after getting my sweet tooth under control and exercising on a daily basis. My own personal “Julia” is Sally Fallon, President of the Weston A Price Foundation. Her cookbook Nourishing Traditions has been the bible of my kitchen for a long time now. And sad to say I’ve opened and actually used it with about the same frequency as the average person does with the real Bible. Still, I regard it with the utmost respect and love quoting excerpts from it to my nutritionally lost and in need of nutritional salvation friends.

I currently reside in a large house with MyMan and the Doodlebug otherwise known as our two year old daughter. Our doors are always open and we have a veritable stream of people coming and going on a constant basis. At this point in my life I have more help than any woman deserves with household tasks, cooking, cleaning and even childcare. It is my determination to finally once and for all tackle the monumental work that is Nourishing Traditions. It shall be conquered and thoroughly incorporated! The excuse I’ve been fondest of is “I have no time!” which also happened to be true back when I was using it. Nowadays it simply isn’t true. So no more excuses. The current level of life aid that I have is slated to last for six months to a year. It is my commitment to take full advantage of this and blog about it for whatever readers happen along.

You have my not so solemn promise to adhere to the following rules when posting here:

– To post with poor grammar, marathon long sentences and possibly horrible spelling since I shan’t be passing my blog posts through the editors that normally get to make my verbal drivels readable.

– To always find humor in everything. Somehow. Somewhere. It may be subtle. It may be obnoxious. And it’ll likely be semi twisted. But it’ll be there.

– To perpetually share my passion for food, flavor and oh yeah, nutrition too.

So, let it begin!