Baby Mark

It’s been…yeah. Way too long since I posted here. Thought about it a lot but the further behind in life I got the less blogging seemed like the thing to do.

So. Let’s see. Since I last checked in on the blogging world we got pregnant with a very surprise baby. He made it past those perilous first weeks and into the safer waters of the second and then third trimester. The Doodles and Cman were super excited to be getting a little sibling. Doodles voted, lobbied, prayed and then acted in complete and total faith that said sibling would be a girl. The poor ultrasound tech that delivered the news that the baby was a *boy* and not a girl received the death stare and was informed she must be mistaken…check again by the Doodles. Finally resigning herself to the reality that two little brothers were immediately on her horizon she adopted a philosophical attitude about it.

Our little BabyMark arrived after several weeks of off and on midwife mandated bed-rest, LOTS of prodromal labor and exhausting life logistics as we shuttled ourselves back and forth from The Farm Birth Center and the little cottage that became our home away from home as we anticipated Mark’s arrival.

He was born into the water just like his siblings were. We were blessed to have the most supportive, loving and cheerful group of labor support ever. Our Farm birth experience was amazing and we’ll always remember the wonderful women-birth-servants who work there with such respect, kindness and professional wisdom.

Life with three is interesting. It’s a bigger struggle to get things done, that is for sure. Laundry and household messes seemed to double overnight. I love the freedom to take a few minutes, an hour or a day as needed and just focus on our three little people. Still keeping up with work as I am able to in between caring for a bigger than ever personal life.

Both Cman and BabyMark are in cloth diapers. Need to write another blogpost about cloth diapers again. Still a huge fan and cloth diapering has saved us so so much money in addition to being a totally fun fashion statement. Cman loves choosing between different patterns of pocket diapers and is already making his own sense of style be known. Think brilliant orange diaper with soccer balls on it. Hands down favorite!

The next few months promise to be overwhelming. Have to produce both a Beeyoutiful Catalog, a BeeyoutifulSkin Makeup Catalog and prepare for a huge conference all at the same time. Somewhere in there will be attending the birth of a dear friend as a Doula if all goes according to plan.

It’s a crazy, wonderful, loving, demanding, fulfilling and exhausting life I am blessed to live right now. These little peoples years may be the hardest in terms of juggling personal life and business needs but pretty sure it’s safe to say they are the sweetest and the reality of how incredibly lucky I am to enjoy every one of our children is never too far from my reality. 

Hopefully I can get back to posting every so often again. At least any yummy food stuffs. Delicious food still makes me happy. Very happy. 

The wee hours of the morning have arrived and the littlest one will be waking up soon to eat so I’d better close this out. A few pictures are attached below for your viewing enjoyment! They were taken by our wonderful birth Photographer, Cindy Sarlo.  We were thankful to have her there to document labor and our first moments of meeting sweet BabyMark. 




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