Our kids are pretty hilarious. At least we think so. I don’t normally share their stories on my blog and typically they get posted in snippets on facebook. Have decided to dedicate some blog space to the funny, crazy, exasperating or amusing stuff our kids fill our lives with.

Tis only fair. They firmly believe in tattling on each other or us to the world at large. Plus one day I’ll want accessible documentation that they really did do all the things I vaguely remember them doing.

As a point of reference, Doodles is 5 goin’ on 6 and Cman is 15 months old.

Doodles is on a bathroom privacy kick. For herself of course, as parents we still don’t qualify as requiring privacy in the bathroom. Heh. She’s starting to grasp the concept of knocking first but it still evades her in times of crisis. Crisis being defined as a stubbed toe, hang nail, feedback on a meal or an announcement of how she happens to be feeling at the moment.

This afternoon she’s in the bathroom with the door shut humming a tune from Dumbo while she brushes her hair for the umpteenth time. C knocks at the door. Doodles says “Who is it?” C knocks again triggering a full on sisterly lecture: “Is it my brother Caleb??? CALEB! You know that girls need their private time! You can’t just interrupt a girl in the bathroom like that! What could you possibly need? You are wearing a diaper so if you need to pee just goahead and pee already and if you need to poop I know Mom will change you and I just played with you and right now it’s my PRIVATE TIME brushing my hair and maybe my teeth so just *leave*”

C knocks again and smooshes his nose against the crack in the door and croons “Hi dere” in a sweet baby voice.

Cman Standing at a door

Cman Standing at a door

Insert long pause from inside the inner fortress of a girls private sanctum before the response in a choked up emotional voice…

“Ohmygoodness. You just said Hi to me. That is *so sweet* of you! (opens door) Ok you can watch me brush my hair I guess.”

C with a huge grin trundles straight into the bathroom lugging his truck. He all but gave her a high five. Totally a triumphant moment for him.

The master button pusher just got played by a 15 month old. I enjoyed it for all of 30 seconds before it dawned on me that now I have *two* of them fully capable of master level button pushing.

I’m officially in trouble x2.

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