Gut Challenge starts TODAY!

Just incase you missed it before you can read all about it by clicking here

Today is the day we start! Just to make things a little more interesting I’ve also decided to give up sugar for the 2 month challenge. <gulp> Yeah. Big deal for me. But I truly believe it will make this challenge far more effective for my health so it’ll be worth it.

bye bye sugar

bye bye sugar

Anybody else want to join me?? You can modify the challenge to whatever you specifically need or that fits your lifestyle right now. We have a thread on the Beeyoutiful forum so we can help encourage each other and hold each other accountable for whatever our goals are during this challenge. You can read the thread and join it if you wish by clicking here The more the better!

Ready? Set? GO! 😀

PS Beeyoutiful still has the Gut Guardians steeply discounted right now. You can check out the prices by clicking here. This is a really amazing price for such high end probiotics! I’m personally stocking our freezer with a couple extra bottles in addition to what we are using for this challenge because it’s rare that a premium product is discounted like this. My budget is thankful!

2 thoughts on “Gut Challenge starts TODAY!

    • A lot of us have various levels of “bad” bacteria in our digestive tracks. Most bad strains are opportunistic and when we are sick or on certain medications it creates an environment which damages the good bacteria allowing “holes” in the defenses of the gut to be overtaken with the bad bacterias. When high levels of good bacteria are then dumped along the GI track one of the things they do is to start cleaning house and reclaiming lost ground…Many bad bacterias release toxins as they die and the body tries to dump those toxins as fast as possible. Some symptoms of die off are excessively nasty smelling gas, really bad smelling sweat, feelings of lethargy and sometimes body aches and in extreme cases low grade fever. Because all of our bodies are soooo different some people will never notice die off and others will get pretty miserable from it. How good an individuals diet is makes a huge difference in potential die off.

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