– I still love coffee. Just incase anybody was afraid that since my last mention of coffee in a blog post my love had waned or faded away. It hasn’t. Which reminds me. I’m so grateful I get to drink coffee in the house now. I remember the early days of marriage when DaMan disliked the smell of it so much the garage was the assigned brewing place. French Pressing it on the kitchen counter top in style these days. Oh yeah.

– Speaking of DaMan. He’s been on a home improvement kick lately. He fixed the washing machine. Twice. He put a ceiling fan up in the living room so we could stop running box fans in there in order for it not to be so miserably hot in there. He replaced the flickering-pathetic light in the kitchen with this glorious bright as sunlight huge super-light thingie. He’s steadily working on getting that bargain of an above ground pool he scored off of craigslist up and running before the end of summer. All in all he rocks. Did I mention he has done all of this within the past month? And in between all of the above he also organized the disaster of a garage from top to bottom. I now have a disaster of a bonus room to organize since all of the garage surplus was graduated to the house to be sorted, culled, properly boxed up with appropriate labels and returned to garage. I get a big silly grin on my face when I admire the garage from the house. He’s just amazing.

– Despite the fact that the garage is organized and looking fantastic I am still avoiding it. And the compost pile. And the garden. All the gardens. And I pick my way through the yard these days intently scanning the ground ahead as though I were attempting to make my way through a minefield. Yes, this is me in snake mode. Snake mode necessitated by the sighting of two snakes (quite possibly one and the same, but for the sake of me attempting to justify my paranoia we’ll call it two) The first sighting was just a few feet outside our main doors in the veggie garden. Well, what should have been a veggie garden but that is now a thriving bed of weeds. The second sighting was within a few feet of the garage. My thoroughly and freely admitted irrational fear of snakes is in hyper mode knowing they are so very near our abode.

Not that I would ever admit to waking up a dozen times per night to make sure no snake has made it’s way into my kids beds. Or that I randomly gasp and freeze multiple times per day upon sighting black electric cords or Doodlebugs green rope laid out in strategic snake like positions throughout the house. Heaven help me if I actually ever sight a real live snake. Something about having a baby has rendered whatever stoicism I might have had once upon a time on the subject of snakes to be null and void. Sheer hysteria quickly followed by a heart attack is likely to be the side effect of me encountering a live slither thing. I need a mongoose. NEED. yes. it’s a NEED. Wonder what government agency would have to be appealed in order to legally obtain a mongoose? Hmm. <writing note to self: research mongoose ownership>

– Babies are wonderful inventions. I’ve recently heard it randomly enquired of the universe by various people upon sighting different babies “Oh my goodness why are you SO CUTE???” My pragmatic reply “to ensure their survival” was received with mildly disturbed looks. It’s true though. I’m convinced that if the needy packages that are babies were housed in anything less than the adorable bundles of chubby, toothless grinning drool bundles that they are the human race would become extinct. God knew what He was doing when he made baby everything so stinkin’ cute.

One of my besties and her precious youngest girlie LB

One of my besties and her precious youngest girlie LB

– DaMan got me a sewing machine for our Anniversary. I am beside myself excited over this. I’ve admired it for over a month and yet have not brought myself to try it. You see the bonus room is to be organized into a play room/reading room/music room/craft and sewing room (it’s pretty huge). Me being me I can’t bear to even try to sew with the wondrous machine until it’s space is all organized and carefully prepared and perfect. Please see random above to know why bonus room is such a wreck. This week it MUST be conquered and organized so I can attempt my first sewing project. I’m totally bribing myself with this. It’s like a big fat reward of a carrot dangling in front of a mountain of work. Sad that such blatant bribery of myself is so effective.

– Hope you have a cheery sun-shiny summery week. Sans snake sightings. Unless you love snakes. If that is the case hope you get to rub a leathery-live-snake or two. I want to move to Maui. Or New Zealand. Seriously. Life without snakes would be amAZing. (sigh) Yes, I’m such a snake-a-phobe I actually dream about making drastic moves in order to avoid them for the rest of my life. Maybe my Mongoose plan will work out though.

I’ll summon a recipe post within the next couple of days. I have a really cool teething biscuit grain free recipe I wanna write up and get posted soon. But only after that disaster of a room is dealt with. Work and then play. πŸ˜€


One thought on “RamblyRandomness

  1. Hi there! I just stumbled onto your blog looking for those who follow a traditional diet (which future-hubby and I are new to, but loving)…I loved reading your post! The voice you use is so cogenial, so real, and I like reading about everyday stuff as much as nutrition! I laughed aloud at the way you described the snake phobia! πŸ™‚ We have a blog chronicling our drive towards the traditional as well…and we have dreams of having healthy chill’uns later on down the road so your inspirational blog is one that I will be sure to follow πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

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