BeeyoutifulSkin Eyes 101 Start at the Very Beginning

One of the first things to do before delving into the complicated world of eye colors is to determine if your skin-tone is warm, cool or neutral. Follow this up with defining whether or not you think your actual eye color is warm or cool. Combinations are possible. For example: My skin tone is neutral but my eye color is a warm hazel.

Once you know if you are dealing with a warm eye color or a cool it will immediately help you to narrow down available colors. The rule of thumb is simple. Warm with warm and cool with cool. If you have both neutral eye color and skin this doesn’t get any simpler and will require a bit more trial and error to figure out what is most flattering. But think of it this way, you have a lot more options than the rest of us!

So let’s start at the very beginning. Almost all women need a base color that can be applied over the entire lid of the eye from brow to lash line. It helps to establish a uniform base color on which to apply the rest of the eye color ensemble. As foundation is to the face a base color is for the eyes. For some looks and women who prefer a more natural and minimalistic look the powder mineral foundation can be used as a base color for the eyes. It has the advantage of being very neutral and complimentary to the skin tones while at the same time helping to cover veins or other skin discolorations around the eye area.

BeeyoutifulSkin offers four base eye colors.

The first is Matte Cream. With distinctly warm tones it applies sheer when a dry brush is used. May be particularly flattering to warm skin and eye colors (as well as neutrals) and for also those women with olive toned skin. Also plays very well with warm green, brown and hazel eyes.

Matte Cream Base Mineral Eye Makeup from

Matte Cream Base Mineral Eye Makeup from

Next up is Matte Pink. The palest of pales and completely neutral this is an almost universally flattering base color. Ideal for cool to neutral skin and eye colors. Some individuals with warm skin and eye tones will also be able to wear it due to it’s incredibly gentle pastel tone. Applies almost completely sheer with a dry brush as you can see in image below. Top part of the hand has Matte Pink applied with a dry brush and below it is Matte Pink Foiled. May be particularly flattering to cool blue, and green eyes.

Matte Pink Base eye color from

Matte Pink Base eye color from

Matte White is next. This is a truly pure white. And as such is a neutral. Can be used equally well with warm or cool skin-tones and eye colors depending on the effect desired. It can be applied quite sheer dry or foiled but also has the ability to get a deeper and more complete coverage with a dry application. This is a really good base color for those who have heavy lids or are prone to dark or sunken eyes. It has a very nice brightening and lightening effect. May be particularly flattering to warm or cool brown, green, blue and hazel eyes.

Matte White Base eye color from

Matte White Base eye color from

Last but not least we have Silver Snow. A silver gilded white base color this has a subtle shine and shimmer to it unlike it’s fellow matte base colors. It also has decidedly cool tones to it. Complimentary to cool eye colors of all shades this is a base color that can be applied nearly sheer when used as a base but can also be foiled for a dramatic, full coverage pop of silverwhite color. Will be particularly flattering to all cool shades of eye colors.

Silver Snow Base eye color from

Silver Snow Base eye color from

Once you have your preferred base figured out next will be deciding on the rest of your desired eye color combinations. Coming up will be posts with some suggested combination colors and helpful tips for narrowing down what colors might be the most flattering for particular eye colors. 🙂

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