Frequently Asked BeeyoutifulSkin Questions

Question: I see that a lot of the ingredients in the mineral makeup are the same. Yet, the colors are very different. How can the colors be so different with the same minerals used?

Answer: The colors of BeeyoutifulSkin pure mineral makeup are created by the different minerals being baked at varying degrees of heat and then mixed to create the various shades and varying degrees of shimmer and shine. No dyes or fillers are used to create the array of colors and shades.


Question: Why can’t you give me free samples of BeeyoutifulSkin makeup?

At this point in our company we cannot afford to make samples available for free. Filling the sample containers is very slow and tedious process and requires a lot of staff hours. So not only is it the cost of the product in the samples it is also the overhead of staff time to fill them. The charge for the samples doesn’t come close to the actual cost of the samples but it helps to off-set it so we can afford to make the samples an option.

Question: If I order samples what will they come in and how much will I get?

Your BeeyoutifulSkin mineral samples will come in a tiny zip lock bag with a label with the name of the color. We highly suggest tapping the minerals out onto a small plate or lid instead of trying to dip a brush into the bags. The foundations have enough for at least one full face application even for those needing heavy coverage, and the eye colors and blushes enough for a minimum of 2 applications. If you are testing multiple foundations to see which is right for you we highly recommend brushing a small amount of each color onto your cheek side by side to see which one achieves the best match. The one that seems to match the best you should try applying to your entire face to see if you are happy with how it looks.

Question: The weights seem to vary a lot from one product to another even though they are all in the same size container. For example some of the darker shades of foundation are barely half the weight of some of the lighter shades. Why is this?

Answer: BeeyoutifulSkin containers are filled by volume, not weight. One of the things we discovered early on in the process of creating these mineral formulations is that because it contains *only* minerals it is impossible to make each blend weigh the same. Some minerals weigh more than others. If you’ve ever gone out rock collecting you’ll know that some rocks, even though they are the same size weigh more than others. This holds true for the minerals as well. Each container is filled to capacity up to the insert that allows the minerals to be tapped out. In this way we are able to ensure that every customer will receive the same amount of makeup. If it were sold by the same weight some would receive half the usable amount makeup than others all depending on skin shade.

Question: I’ve bought mineral makeup from other companies and the weight on all of their same sized containers regardless of the color were the same. How can they get their minerals to weigh the same and you can’t?

Answer: Most mineral makeup companies use fillers. A little or a lot, but almost all have them. Clear or opaque fillers that are usually cheaper than the mineral powder that is used as the base. Some of these fillers are very natural and cheap (like rice powder) and others are not so natural and actually harmful to the skin. Our theory is that the companies who have the same weights are either not telling the truth about the weight of their product and just putting their lowest or highest average weight on the label OR they are adjusting the amount and type of fillers per formulation so that the fillers compensate for the variances of weight in the actual minerals. If you want to know for sure contact the companies and just ask.

Let me know if you have any other questions! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Frequently Asked BeeyoutifulSkin Questions

  1. Thanks! I seem to know that person in the picture……. I would love it if you could at some point list colors by threes that go really good together, so some of us not-so-color-coordinated girls could have an easier choice!! I find it hard to imagine what combos would work best when I consider stepping away from my usual colors.

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