Happy 5th to our Firstborn!

Our sweet girl is 5 years old.

That kind of stuns me. As much as I’ve looked forward to this stage it still seems surreal that we’ve actually gotten here! Our busy little Doodlebug is growing up into such a unique and complex person.

She’s irrepressible. Says exactly what is on her mind. Even if nobody wants to hear it. Like “I’m going to go POO POOO!” in public. Loudly. On purpose. Or “You are NOT my Mom. MY Mom would let me do what I want to do” as was hollered at me a few days ago. The kind, sweet and grateful things pour out of her with the same level of enthusiasm as the negative or rude. A couple of weeks ago she asked to pray and it was one of the most candid conversations with God I’ve ever heard.

She’s kind. Sensitive. In-tune and out of tune all at the same time. Brilliantly insightful in so many areas. She’s a one woman noise making machine from whistling, humming, tapping, she finds some way to generate noise pretty much every waking moment. Unless she’s involved in a particularly epic project of the creative variety. Then it gets quiet. And I still freak out not knowing what disaster I’m going to walk in on.

She’s brilliant. She’s stubborn. She’s a perfectionist. She’s dramatic. She’s adorable. She’s dictatorial. She’s enthusiastic. She’s bossy. She’s compassionate. She’s too cute for her own good. She often loves the unlovable. She’s the best and the worst all rolled up into one incredible little package of girl-hood.

I have often wondered if maybe the reason she made it when all the other babies didn’t…before my health was getting helped and before my problems had been adequately diagnosed…if maybe, just maybe it was partly because she was just too stubborn to give in and let go. If sheer force of will even as a super tiny baby could will survival she would be the one to possess that level of tenacity.

It’s been an adventure unlike any other being her parent. Appreciate her more and more with each passing year and can’t thank God enough for allowing us to be part of her life in some small way. One day, just around the corner I’m going to get to watch her go turn the world on end. Or at least some corner of it. The ability to leave an impact and compel change is already a singular strength, especially for such a young kid.

We love her more than worlds can express. To paraphrase the words of one of my favorite people, Gianna Jesson, “She’s God’s girl. You just don’t mess with God’s girl” Can’t wait to see what path God takes this unique little creature on in the coming years.

For now we are gonna enjoy her pre-world-conquering days. Laugh. Read books. Play. Tickle. Talk about big stuff. Important stuff. Silly stuff. Eat good food. Learn lots. Practice stuff. And bury her in lots and lots of love.

Happy Birthday Noelle. We love you more than the stars in the sky.Image

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