Insomnia = Chicken Research

So in addition to a new baby making my sleeping times sporadic I’ve had an awful case of insomnia. Nothing like being a literal walking zombie so tired your bones ache yet not being able to sleep. So, while my baby is sleeping and I’m *not* and my ability to concentrate on things I should be concentrating on is nill I fill my time with randomly selected research projects.

Tonight it was all things chicken. We really want to get a couple of hens so our kitchen scraps can go to good use. Avoiding roosters right now because our subdivison neighbors would probably be very displeased with us if a Rooster started welcoming the very early morning loudly the way they like to do.

One of my research items was to find a Soy Free grain recipe that I could make at home. It can be difficult to find soy free chicken feed and even when you can find it is usually very expensive. We hope and plan to feed our future chickens mostly on our kitchen and household scraps but occasional grain supplementation will be needed.

I came across this recipe that looks very useful. Original credit for the recipe goes to the Weston A. Price Foundation. Figured this might be helpful for other future or current chicken owners out there who would like a soy-free alternative.

Soy Free Chicken Feed

Heirloom Breed Chicken

Heirloom Breed Chicken

7 parts wheat
2 parts whole or cracked corn
2 parts kamut
1.5 parts sesame seeds
1 part hulled barley
1 part millet
1 part oat groats
1 part quinoa
1 part sunflower seeds
1/2 part flax seeds (soaked and dried)
1/2 part kelp granules
1/4 part finely ground eggs shells (make sure they’re dried/cooked first)
fraction of non-iodized salt

Has anybody ever use this recipe or any other homemade chicken feed formulation?


3 thoughts on “Insomnia = Chicken Research

  1. Thanks for this post. Steve is plugging away on our chicken coop. I’m gonna’ love it. We hope to order chicks in the next few weeks. I’ve picked out four varieties known for being good layers and meaty. Your recipe reminds me of what K.S. does for her hens. She cooks up a whole grain mash and serves it to them warm. She says her hens love it.

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