A Time to Remember…A time to Mourn…



October 15th has been set aside as a day of remembrance for babies who have died. Whether in miscarriage, stillbirth or after birth. I am grateful there is a day to remember. It’s always part of my heart, somewhere as part of me, part of our path as a couple, always an awareness of the absence of extra children in our home growing up alongside the Doodlebug.

Our lives are full. We are happy. I have joy in my heart and do not live in pain. But. There is an absence. I miss my babies even though I never knew them. It means a lot to have a time set aside to remember that they were here. That for however short a period of time, these precious babies were alive  and loved.


The Memory necklace with a heart for each of our babies, and one for Doodlebug of course!

The Memory necklace with a heart for each of our babies, and one for Doodlebug of course!


If you, or someone you love has suffered the loss of a baby please join them tonight in remembering. At 7 PM light a candle in whatever time zone you are in for an hour.

Tonight I will be remembering our babies that are not with us.

The first baby lost at just 8 weeks gestation.

Our second baby at 10 weeks.

The twins at 14 weeks (although we knew we were going to lose them before)


And our last loss, after the Doodlebug, Kaitlyn Anne


I am grateful for a time to remember. I will also be remembering the babies of my friends who have also suffered losses. Remembering and thanking God for all the babies, no matter how long or little the time is that we have them with us.

3 thoughts on “A Time to Remember…A time to Mourn…

  1. My aches over your losses of your children. I love you and Steve so much and know that all of this has been so difficult for you. But, it is good to remember them this way.

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