Fall Dish= The SweetNSpicy Color Orange

Fall Sky

Fall Sky

I’m stealing a few minutes out of a Conference in Chicago to write up this quickie recipe that has been a staple in my kitchen over the past couple of weeks. With the arrival of Fall so comes the season of those pleasant shades of yellows, oranges and browns generously offered for free by Nature. My new favorite quick, easy and yummy fallishly lovely orange dish combines Sweet Potatoes and hard Winter Squash. With an emphasis on SIMPLE this is a very easy dish that is sugar and gluten free.

SweetNSpicy Orange: A fall Treat or Side Dish

2 Medium sized all natural or organically grown Sweet potatoes peeled and diced

1 Medium to Large sized all natural or organically grown Winter Squash peeled, seeds scraped out and diced

1 (or 1/2 to 1 cup of) Grass-Fed Butter. If it is unsalted sprinkle a few dashes of Salt over the diced orangeness in the pan.

Honey as needed

Cinnamon to Taste

Cayenne Pinch or so (Optional!)

Evenly toss together and spread across the bottom of a 9×13 Pyrex or other casserole dish type pan. Dice the butter into chunks and blob evenly on top of the chopped veggies. Put a few dollups of honey (I usually space about three across the pan) Generously sprinkle with cinnamon and if you are brave enough add a bit of cayenne. Adds an extra pizazz on the spicy side to the dish if your taste buds are so inclined. Toss it all together in the pan and slide into a 350 Oven.

Bake until tender. You can re-toss/re-coat the chunks in the melted butter/honey mixture half way through baking to ensure an even coating of flavor.

Enjoy! =)

Fall Country Road

Fall Country Road

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