Splurge Meal of the Week (And probably month)

Tonight I pulled some splurge Tuna Steaks out of the freezer, yanked the lonely remaining bag of frozen broccoli from alongside and eyeballed the jars of venison broth brooding in the fridge.

Fish steaks have been my nemesis. They end up either under cooked, Perfectly cooked in the middle and burned on the outside or else rubbery through and through. Had pretty much decided to never waste my money on them again but still had to use up the last four in the freezer. Tonight was a free wheeling, fly by the seat of whatever I find in the cabinets night for cooking. Blessedly it turned out marvelous hence my need to write everything I did down so when amnesia strikes the next time I’d like to replicate it I can find it safely saved away on this blog.

First the pre-seasoned as it cooked Venison broth with it’s nice layer of fat on top was dumped into the pot in preparation for the Quinoa.  To the base of 21 blend herbal spice seasoning this broth already had I added quite a bit of extra garlic, cumin and a bit of Oregano.

Next I started on the Broccoli. Put it in it’s little steamer set up still frozen solid and heavily sprinkled Celtic Sea salt, Garlic powder, black pepper, Cumin and the tiniest bit of cayenne. Cayenne could reasonably be substituted with mild Chili powder to get some of that flavor in there without the heat factor.

Next I prepared the Tuna for searing by patting them down with a paper towel and heavily sprinkling with a lemony sea salt spice blend.

Into my cast iron skillet goes butter…Lots of butter. I could not agree with Julia or Sally more. One can NEVER have too much butter!

Into the pan the mini little steaks plopped…

Where I promptly forgot to time them as every person with an ounce of experience knows to do.

Nevertheless they ended up being seared and cooked to perfection! Whew.

The Quinoa burbled away happily in it’s base of broth and when it was done I added a hefty portion of Kimchi and whole olives.

The Kimchi was purchased at the WAPF conference in Chicago.

Although I forgot to get pictures of the sauce drizzled over the fish there was one made. While the pan was still hot and the fish freshly removed a bit of extra butter and a whole lot of lemon juice was added. It ended up being a dark, drizzly and flavorful.  Right at the end before serving I also added some chunks of sharp cheddar cheese to the steamed broccoli and left it just long enough to melt into delectable yummy goodness.

And finally the dinner plated! Minus the sauce of course. Hmph. Would have been the perfect finishing touch. Oh well.

Off to bed, night night!

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