For the past two years I have been learning in baby steps how to become Queen of my kitchen. Not just to rule with judicious wisdom the flavor’s, textures and creativity of dishes but to also learn how to make them beneficial to the body without too much sacrifice on beloved flavors and textures.

After watching the movie Julie & Julia inspiration struck. I should blog about my journey or rather my adventure as the romantic side of me likes to think of it. A New Year’s resolution was to write at least something about anything every day. This of course to be started immediately after getting my sweet tooth under control and exercising on a daily basis. My own personal “Julia” is Sally Fallon, President of the Weston A Price Foundation. Her cookbook Nourishing Traditions has been the bible of my kitchen for a long time now. And sad to say I’ve opened and actually used it with about the same frequency as the average person does with the real Bible. Still, I regard it with the utmost respect and love quoting excerpts from it to my nutritionally lost and in need of nutritional salvation friends.

I currently reside in a large house with MyMan and the Doodlebug otherwise known as our two year old daughter. Our doors are always open and we have a veritable stream of people coming and going on a constant basis. At this point in my life I have more help than any woman deserves with household tasks, cooking, cleaning and even childcare. It is my determination to finally once and for all tackle the monumental work that is Nourishing Traditions. It shall be conquered and thoroughly incorporated! The excuse I’ve been fondest of is “I have no time!” which also happened to be true back when I was using it. Nowadays it simply isn’t true. So no more excuses. The current level of life aid that I have is slated to last for six months to a year. It is my commitment to take full advantage of this and blog about it for whatever readers happen along.

You have my not so solemn promise to adhere to the following rules when posting here:

– To post with poor grammar, marathon long sentences and possibly horrible spelling since I shan’t be passing my blog posts through the editors that normally get to make my verbal drivels readable.

– To always find humor in everything. Somehow. Somewhere. It may be subtle. It may be obnoxious. And it’ll likely be semi twisted. But it’ll be there.

– To perpetually share my passion for food, flavor and oh yeah, nutrition too.

So, let it begin!

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